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Long Hair Preferred for 2015 Trends in Hairstyle

July 12th, 2015

Things are pretty clear when it comes to this year’s trends in hairstyles. Long hair is preferred by all major fashion houses. Boho curls, pony tails and ballerina buns are very popular this season. As for colors, the stars of 2015 are light blonde, shades of honey and champagne. This might not be such good news for those of you who do not have long hair or blonde hair, but fortunately you can always opt for a lace wig if you wanted to jump into the trends. De Novo Hair is resourceful in this regard, offering long and really long lace wigs available in precision cuts, straight & uncut and in curly & wavy styles.  All of our styles are also available in bulk packs and wefts which are used for weaves. Since our lace wigs are made of human hair and look incredibly natural, there’s no reason for you not to have long hair this year if you desire!

Styling options for long hair in 2015

This year’s fashion shows were amazing not just because of the beautiful models or the clothes they were wearing, but also thanks to the hairstyling aspect. The ponytail is reminiscent from last season and it looks definitely messier than last year. Oscar de la Renta had a few models that walked the spring shows sporting ponytails caught at the base of their necks. However, the ponytails were diversified, adding individuality to every model. In addition, Aquilano Rimondi opted for Boho curls, which are characterized by subtleness, being barely perceptive. This hairstyle is related to Bohemian concepts that promote freedom. Interestingly, Ralph Lauren chose models with long and straight hair, as well as Tommy Hilfiger. This look is not at all easy to obtain with shorter locks, but wigs and weaves can transform your look quickly! As for the ballerina buns, they are elegant and look sophisticated. Aigner promoted these types of buns earlier this spring. The secret is not to add the well-known wet look to these buns, but to capture a soft and feminine look.

Coloring options for long hair in 2015

When it comes to trendy hair colors in 2015, the key element is light. The chosen colors are pure and of a graphic simplicity that seems to absorb light. The recommended shades are arranged in layers, so they are gradually revealed. If platinum blonde was last winter’s color, hairstylists now rely on softer shades, such as golden blonde or caramel blonde. This might be another problem in case you want to obtain a very fashionable look in terms of hairstyle and color. Not many of us have natural blonde hair, so going from black, dark brown, or red to blonde may be a challenge. On the bright side, you have the alternative of purchasing a lace wig or weave extensions that meets all the above criteria. When blonde is no longer a star color, you can even dye the wig’s hair in any shade you please! Wearing a wig is no longer unconventional especially since so many celebrities wear one daily.

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Obtain Any of Scarlett Johansson’s Looks With Wigs!

June 30th, 2015

Scarlett Johansson always amazes not only because she changes her hair color drastically every now and then, but also because she goes from having long, curvy hair to short, pixie hairdos. She had red hair mainly because of her roles in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. In 2009, she confessed that she had changed her hair color because of the character she wanted to play, the Black Widow, had dark red hair. She is the type of person who changes her looks to play a role, but who also has a well-defined personal style. Since 2010, Scarlett began to shorten her hair little by little and changed her hair color 3 times. These days, she is sporting a really short blonde hairdo. Her sides are shaved and the top is bleached. It looks like a waterfall seen from behind.

With her current do, it would be quite difficult for her to go back to the curvy, shoulder-length hairstyle that she had for a while thanks to her role in The Avengers. However, there is always the option of wearing a wig! Although she changed her own hair for her movie parts, the results that can be achieved from wearing a wig could be as amazing as her actual hair. The 100% natural wigs from De Novo Hair can be dyed and styled with a curling iron without causing them damage. Scarlett did put some effort into maintaining her locks and keeping them looking healthy. In contrast, wearing a wig is time-saving and often easier to style than natural hair.

Any woman can change her looks as often as Scarlett did without putting too much stress on their natural hair. The solution is simple, comfortable and affordable. This renowned actress with edgy face features and outstanding talent chose to change her hairstyle from long and wavy, to shaved on the sides. If you like her style and you want to try it on for a while, you can choose hand tied human hair wigs. In fact, you could order a customized wig that fits perfectly on your head and is arranged just like you desire. With virgin hair wigs, you can change its color as often as you want to because it is replaceable, not like your own hair, which would take some time to grow back out.
Since Scarlett chose to chop off her blonde locks and wear her hair short, she also changed her style into a more casual one that can be spiced up for special events. When she attended the Oscars earlier this year, she had on a lovely green dress and her flawless hair matched her formal style. Yet, she is also spotted in skinny jeans or sweatpants together with her child with the same haircut. If you are a fan of Scarlett Johansson, you can achieve any of the looks she had during time by choosing to wear wigs. Her style went through some changes, but luckily you can pick one that represents you and not damage even one string of your natural hair. These alternatives are always the best options in case of style change!

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100% Hand Tied Human Hair Wigs For The Most Natural Look

May 18th, 2015

Our 100% hand tied human hair wigs are an excellent alternative to natural hair. If you suffer from hair loss because of different medical reasons, you can safely turn to this option in hair replacement that was modified and improved over time. The result available these days is simply amazing! Lace wigs today are no longer full of disadvantages like their previous versions. Though 100% hand tied human hair wigs are generally more expensive due to the meticulous craftsmanship involved, they are very lightweight, they can be parted and styled anywhere, and there are no heavy bulky wefts to hide (hair sewn together on a track for weaves). Besides the obvious aesthetic aspect, the wigs from De Novo Hair are provided with a variety of cap choices that allows your scalp to breathe. This offers a higher level of comfort compared with other types of wigs or those of lesser quality.

The advantages of 100% hand tied human hair wigs

Comfort and quality are definitely important aspects, but when it comes to looks, the lace wigs offered by De Novo Hair surpass its competitors in style and variety. The natural feeling and expert quality of De Novo Hair lace wigs matched with contemporary hairstyles makes women, and especially women with hair loss issues, feel fully confident in their looks. Because our hair is a natural raw product (from real humans!), it can be styled in multiple ways, such as straight, wavy or even teased in order to obtain different charming looks. On top of that, lace wigs can be dyed and washed just like you would do with your own hair. If you want to go swimming and look fabulous at the same time, you don’t need to worry about getting your hair wet. That won’t be a problem because lace wigs allow for a natural looking hairline allowing you to style the hair away from your face or even getting it a little wet by swimming a few laps. No one has to know that your hair is attached once applied properly. Before you know it, you might forget you have on a lace wig also…well, at least, for a moment!

The hand tied monofilament, lace or silk top cap designs of lace wigs are excellent additions to human hair wigs. All the discomfort caused by the previous ventilation problems have become a thing of the past. When wearing a lace wig, you will have the feeling of natural hair and your roots will look as genuine as it gets. Putting your hair up in a ponytail or just styling it from one side to the other are not only possible with 100% hand tied human hair wigs, but also highly recommended. You are no longer forced to maintain just one look when it comes to wigs! Lace wigs fit perfectly on anyone’s scalp, bald or not, thanks to the meticulous work of our wig experts. In the case of wigs, there is no technology in the world that can replicate the beautiful life like and natural looking work that people can do with their hands.
The life-like appearance of wigs from De Novo Hair grant a confidence boost not just to women who have suffered massive hair loss, but also to women who want to change their hair style overnight! The variety of these wigs can probably seem overwhelming at first. Perhaps, choosing the 100% hand tied human hair lace wig you like best would take longer than deciding that you actually want one! Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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Hair Loss Wigs for Women at De Novo Hair

May 4th, 2015

De Novo Hair is well known for specializing in hair loss wigs for women. When it comes to losing your hair, this is rarely a one size fits all deal when looking for hair loss solutions. For example, some women only have patches of hair loss around the hairline or perhaps only at the crown or sides. Others may have complete hair loss and desire to remove their wigs daily, while others want to wear their wigs for longer periods of time by using adhesives. Some women are looking for hair loss wigs in bold styles while others are more concerned with duplicating their own hair texture and hair color. Each individual will have unique experiences and unique needs in looking for hair loss wigs for women.

Where to start when ordering hair loss wigs?
When it comes to ordering hair loss wigs for women sometimes one has no idea where to start! That’s why we provide a wealth of material on our site to educate our customers on our offerings on hair loss wigs for women. From the base of the cap, to the hair chosen, down to the style, we’ve got you covered. We realize that the information can be overwhelming at first, especially if this is your first time wearing a lace wig! That’s why we’re here to help you pick out from the myriad of styles we have in hair loss wigs for women. We recommend you start by first browsing through our lace wig styles gallery. If you don’t see a lace wig style that’s just right, you can even send us pictures of styles that you like for us to duplicate. Once we know your preferred style, we can make recommendations on the color, length, cap choices and many other customizations based on your needs & lifestyle.

Ordering can be placed online in the privacy of your home or office. For those who need more consultation, we can schedule a phone conversation to learn more about your special needs and answer all of your questions regarding hair loss wigs for women.

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Using Lace Wigs as a Protective Style

February 28th, 2015

Lace wigs are not just used for addressing hair loss but can also be used as a protective style for those who do have lots of hair or for those who are working on growing out or transitioning their hair. In addition, lots of women love to change their look without putting too much stress on their own hair. You can accomplish this by using lace wigs as a protective style.  By using lace wigs as a protective style, you can change the cut, color, length and texture of your look without doing damage to your own hair. Your own hair can be braided down, conditioned, and well taken care of, while you style your lace wig as needed. No need to worry about doing damage to your own hair.

Lace wigs also allow you to give your hair and scalp a much needed break from any heat/straightening treatments, like flat irons, for example.  Flat iron and blow dry your hair every day and you are more prone to limp, dry hair.  Love your curly hair but would like to wear it straight from time to time without risking heat damage? Why not try ordering one of our lace wigs as a protective style? Is your hair in need of some tender care without constant combing? Facilitate its growth by giving the constant grooming a rest!  Gone are the days where women’s wigs are used just for necessity. Today women also accessorize with hair and it is much easier to do so!

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Why You Should Order Custom Lace Wigs

January 30th, 2015

Though in stock lace wigs are very convenient, many customers can get the best value from custom lace wigs. The reality is that not everyone has an “in stock” head size. And even if you do have an in stock head size, custom lace wigs will afford you the best fit and customization. With custom lace wigs, you can customize everything about your wig from the cap design, to the hair texture, hair type, hair colors, and style, just to name a few. One of the greatest benefits of ordering custom lace wigs is your ability to get that perfect fit. No moving around your wig this way and that way for it to look its best. You do not want to spend the time or money on a wig that simply does not fit! We do not suggest you guess your head size either as everyone’s size is different. What fits well on one person will not work for another.

Another benefit of custom lace wigs is your ability to get exactly what you want in terms of hair color. In stock lace wigs generally come in darker hair colors but you can choose a variety of hair color and hair color combinations with custom lace wigs. The best way to maximize on hair color choices is to order a hair color sample.

You will get the best service when ordering custom lace wigs from We have been specializing in custom lace wigs for over 7 years and take every care to ensure that your wig fits your needs. We provide a wealth of information on our site and are available to consult with you by appointment on any further questions you have on ordering custom lace wigs. We understand that some of our customers are first timers and have either never worn a wig before or have never customized a wig. We are here to help! Call us to schedule a consultation for your custom lace wigs!

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Wigs and Weaves and More Weaves! RHOA

January 12th, 2015

If you follow the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) you know that the show does not disappoint when it comes to drama and style among Atlanta celebs. There is no shortage of inspiration for hair styles either. Some cast members like Cynthia, seems to wear different wigs and weaves in each episode. Last night, we even got to see Claudia with and without her weave. Of course, there has been much chatter about Nene’s varying blonde wigs and weaves as well. Each lady has their own style and they sure do love to use wigs and weaves to switch up their look.

What we love about wigs, in particular, is your ability to change looks very frequently and easily without any stress to your scalp or hair. Our lace wigs look just as natural as a well installed weave without all the stress on your scalp from the sewing or the expense of the installation. Who do you think can benefit from a quality lace wig on the RHOA? Out of all the wigs and weaves, who wears it best?

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Ombre Highlights on Lace Wigs

December 12th, 2014

Ombre Highlights, Copyright Oleander Studio



Hair color and the distribution of color can really make a difference in one’s style. Have you ever tried ombre highlights on your lace wig? This is where highlights are toward the ends of the hair, rather than coming straight from the root. Did you know that you can customize your lace wigs at with ombre highlights? If you’re looking for something new, ombre highlights may be the style for you! You can certainly dye the hair yourself, but we don’t recommend it unless you have some experience with dyes! We do not recommend any further processing of processed hair (relaxed textures, curly textures, hair that has already been dyed, for example), but if you order a natural Virgin texture that has never been processed for a dye or texture, you can certainly try adding ombre highlights to your lace wig by dipping the ends of the hair in dye solution. Again, only recommended for people experienced with using dye chemicals! Otherwise, you can custom order ombre highlights on your lace wig here.

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Glueless lace wigs are a great choice!

December 4th, 2014

Glueless Lace Wigs: An Easy Lace Wig Application

We’ve mentioned previously that the use of glue for applying lace wigs is not for everyone. Many women are finding that glueless lace wigs can be just the right lace wig cap construction to fit their needs. Glueless lace wigs are not new, but they have gained more popularity as more are educated on the fact that lace front wigs can look very natural without the use of glue.

There are actually a variety of glueless lace wigs that are available. The one you chose depends entirely on your particular needs and comfort level. They are all, however, very easy to apply and style. You can even transform full lace wigs into glueless lace wigs by simply securing the wig down with bobby pins or sewing in the full lace wig. The difference between a full lace wig and a glueless lace wig is that glueless lace wigs have elastic bands that are adjustable for fit. The adjustable straps are positioned at the nape and allows one to loosen and tighten the wig to fit to the contours of one’s head. Although there are different types of glueless lace wigs, the term “glueless” will refer to a specific lace wig cap construction on our site. Here are some examples our glueless lace wigs.

View Our Variety of Glueless Lace Wigs

glueless lace wigs type 1

Glueless lace wig

glueless lace wigs type 2

Lace front with adjustable strap

glueless lace wigs type 3

Full stretch cap







“Glueless” lace wigs– The “glueless” lace wig cap is constructed with an adjustable strap in the back along with small weighted reinforcements near the temples to help keep the wig closer to your scalp and more snug to your head. The lace front part of the cap can be constructed of different materials including swiss lace or a silk top panel. If you order a “glueless” wig on our site, this is the cap type that you will receive.
Lace front with adjustable strap in the back– This glueless lace wig cap is pretty much the same as the “glueless” lace wig cap minus the weighted reinforcements near your temples. This cap construction can also be made with a silk top panel.
Full stretch cap– The full stretch cap is constructed with an elastic band on the full perimeter of the cap. It does not have any weighted reinforcements but fits snugly on the perimeter of your head.

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U Shaped Lace Wigs/U Part Lace Wigs at

November 24th, 2014

Did you know that you can order U shaped lace wigs or U part lace wigs at By custom order, the lace wig cap can be ventilated without hair on the top of the cap. This way the client can leave their own hair out on top just like a traditional weave. The client’s own hair is brushed over the hair of the wig and voila! You are now showing off your own natural scalp with u shaped lace wigs/u part lace wigs!

u shaped lace wigs/u part lace wigs

U shaped lace wigs/ U part lace wigs at

How to Order U Shaped Lace Wigs/U Part Lace Wigs

Simply specify just how large of an area you would like the U shape/U-part (for example, 4 inches by 4 inches wide- many opt for much smaller). Some people leave a lot of their own hair out and some just like a smaller area left out. The pictures shown have a wide area that is not ventilated with hair in the U shape. This ventilation can be combined with other cap options. For example, you can order u shaped lace wigs with a glueless cap or a full lace u-part cap. Simply specify your details in the “comments” section on your custom order form.

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