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Why You Should Order Custom Lace Wigs

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Though in stock lace wigs are very convenient, many customers can get the best value from custom lace wigs. The reality is that not everyone has an “in stock” head size. And even if you do have an in stock head size, custom lace wigs will afford you the best fit and customization. With custom lace wigs, you can customize everything about your wig from the cap design, to the hair texture, hair type, hair colors, and style, just to name a few. One of the greatest benefits of ordering custom lace wigs is your ability to get that perfect fit. No moving around your wig this way and that way for it to look its best. You do not want to spend the time or money on a wig that simply does not fit! We do not suggest you guess your head size either as everyone’s size is different. What fits well on one person will not work for another.

Another benefit of custom lace wigs is your ability to get exactly what you want in terms of hair color. In stock lace wigs generally come in darker hair colors but you can choose a variety of hair color and hair color combinations with custom lace wigs. The best way to maximize on hair color choices is to order a hair color sample.

You will get the best service when ordering custom lace wigs from We have been specializing in custom lace wigs for over 7 years and take every care to ensure that your wig fits your needs. We provide a wealth of information on our site and are available to consult with you by appointment on any further questions you have on ordering custom lace wigs. We understand that some of our customers are first timers and have either never worn a wig before or have never customized a wig. We are here to help! Call us to schedule a consultation for your custom lace wigs!

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Wigs and Weaves and More Weaves! RHOA

Monday, January 12th, 2015

If you follow the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) you know that the show does not disappoint when it comes to drama and style among Atlanta celebs. There is no shortage of inspiration for hair styles either. Some cast members like Cynthia, seems to wear different wigs and weaves in each episode. Last night, we even got to see Claudia with and without her weave. Of course, there has been much chatter about Nene’s varying blonde wigs and weaves as well. Each lady has their own style and they sure do love to use wigs and weaves to switch up their look.

What we love about wigs, in particular, is your ability to change looks very frequently and easily without any stress to your scalp or hair. Our lace wigs look just as natural as a well installed weave without all the stress on your scalp from the sewing or the expense of the installation. Who do you think can benefit from a quality lace wig on the RHOA? Out of all the wigs and weaves, who wears it best?

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